Zack Beitel: Building Unexplored Soundscapes


I took up digital music production as a hobby about two years ago. Over the course of many months of development and multiple public releases, I have molded a personal sound and have transformed what was a hobby into a career.

My withstanding goal with my musical creation is to continuously sculpt pieces and textures that transcend conventional musical styles and traits. Some dub this as “experimental” music production, and rightfully so. What is most intriguing to me about music is its ability to change over time. I find that the art form itself started out as being deeply rooted in rules and expectations (hence music theory), but has since grown into much more. My ambitions are to push the boundaries of sound to the point that they lie more on the artistic expression side of the creative spectrum. I think that as musical styles are constantly regurgitated, it is essential to keep this in mind at some level. Music has intense emotional capabilities, acting as a universal language. This amalgamation of a cyclical trap and emotional cruciality makes my vision very important in the artistic region of our world.

With this project, I intended to capture my vision with a track that provided the structural demands of the assignment while maintaining my overarching musical goals. I pieced together a heavily-layered composition of different walls of synthesizers coupled with subtle percussion elements. The vocal chops enhance the whimsical nature of the track while contributing a slight haunting feel.

Here is the track:

I take extreme pleasure in sharing music with others, so I’ve attached a curated playlist of a few songs of multiple sub-genres that substantially capture the experimental tendencies of certain modern musicians. I hope you enjoy and I urge those who are unfamiliar with such an enveloping genre of recent music to seek out the off kilter and bizarre. Though it may be far from accessible, I find this kind of music to be captivating and (mostly) intelligent.


Additionally, I’ve attached a link to information about “Reformat the Planet”, a 2008 documentary that “delves into the movement of a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware”. This peculiar sampling technique captures the essence of experimental music. Though the film focuses on electronic music, the overarching themes can be applied to a plethora of musical genres and art forms.


For many fans of experimental music, including myself, the polarizing and borderless “genre” offers refreshing original ideas while informing the vision and persona of the artist(s) that creates the work. As an experimental artist, I thrive in such an environment where rules are nonexistent and self expression and risk taking is everything. Though it comes off as a subtler connection in terms of global relevance, experimental music allows for the confused, misunderstood, or unheard to better communicate with the world and reach other people. Like I stated before, music is a universal language. You don’t need a translator or a dictionary, all you need is a set of ears and an open mind. I believe that experimental music can help one open their mind and appreciate the dichotomy of preference and appreciation in the underground basement beneath popular culture.

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