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With the general political and social climate currently in America, large movements across the country have been on the rise. Groups and protests, especially in the San Francisco and San Mateo area, are becoming more frequent and far more important than ever. Groups in these areas are leading the charge globally. The issue of equality for women’s rights has been an issue in our modern world and raising awareness is key to solving it. Recent movements in the area, such as International women’s day, a day without women, along with multiple others have been the driving force and has become the global center of the issue just in the past couple months, making it important to be up-to-date on the issue. The app can be a call to action by connecting different organizations striving for the same goal, a dedicated, common connection.



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There is no doubting that the issue of women’s rights is central to today’s world both in social and political terms, no better example of this is current day America. With California being one of the biggest cultural epicenters America, it has become the leader of discussion and activism around this topic. It is especially important in modern times to be educated on the topic. Thus,  understanding what is going on in the area with the issue is integral to being an informed citizen.


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Since this issue is prevalent everywhere throughout the USA, it is hard to voice concern on the issue. California, especially San Mateo and greater San Francisco, have been voicing the opinions of the voiceless. Commonly noted protests and demonstrations are only one way of doing this. Multiple media outlets have also spurred in the area as a result, and is spreading news beyond just California, into the rest of the US and around the world. A large majority of the population merely dismiss it, hence it is important to be knowledgeable on how to get involved beyond what is trending, and to consistently discuss about the issue is arguable equally as important.
My and many other’s intended change on this issue is to spur conversation, in which all can be involved. This way, we can all hear perspectives of all different political backgrounds and cultures in order understand the issue in a more coherent and digestible form. I intend to make a resource that is centralized and with little bias, to involve all sources and viewpoints. This, hopefully, will be the most accessible form one would actually spend time on.



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