WetLand Loss in Louisiana

The major wetland problem in Louisiana is my topic of discussion for this project. Louisiana loses close to a football field of coastal protection every hour, which is about 16.57 square miles.

This number, which has persisted for most of the 2000s because of hurricane Katrina, which increased the loss a great deal. There are many different ways to combat this problem, one of which is volunteering to plant wetland promoting plants along coastlines, which I have personally done many times.

My school has also participated in various mandatory planting events throughout my time here. We need to get more people out on the field planting wetland friendly plants so as to preserve our coast line. More schools need to get involved in making mandatory planting field trips to teach students the importance of the wetlands to Louisiana residents. Another way to combat the rapid loss is by creating artificial wetlands.

The effectiveness of this solution has been debated, but it should help. Money should be allocated for the creation of artificial, stronger wetlands so that the shape of Louisiana doesn’t change in 10-20 years. This can be modeled as a game, a game in which the only positive outcome comes with action.

The players would be all Louisiana residents, and the strategies would be to either help plant wetland promoting plants along the coastline, or donate towards the creation of artificial wetlands. Of course another strategy is to do nothing at all and watch as the shape of Louisiana fundamentally changes from generation to generation.

As you can see, the best outcome, or the outcome that has the largest potential value, is if the people of Louisiana plant wetland saving plants and build artificial wetlands. Next, the game will be represented in a tree diagram:

Through these games, we can see that the most useful thing for people to do is engage in the community service of their regions and help save the wetlands at all costs, it can only benefit us.


Now that you know about wetland loss, please take the time to like the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center Facebook page:

and the Duke University Wetlands Center, who are researching ways to help prevent land loss:


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