Water Scarcity

Hi, my name is Brooke Bulmash. I am a senior at Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. I am very passionate about the environment and conservation. I hope to pursue a career in Environmental Policy or Sustainable Architecture. An issue I see frequently around my neighborhood is the careless overwatering of lawns. In Plano, where I live, current restrictions say that residents may water their lawns twice a week no more than two hours each time. Since it is spring in Texas, we are receiving a good amount of rainfall. That being said, my neighbors often have their sprinklers on during rain storms, a practice I see as very wasteful and careless given the situation of so many people around the world.

My page has several resources to present. The first of which is a quiz on the issue of water scarcity around the globe. The next activity is a fantastic resource for figuring out your home water consumption. Then, I have some captures of current drought conditions in the United States and a map of the drought risk around the country, as well as an Infographic with tips to conserve water!

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Concerns regarding the water supply in North Texas have been echoed for years now. As the population continues to grow, particularly in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we face a troubling reality. Will we be able to support a population this large with this little water?

As you can see from the graphic, Collin County, where my family and I reside, is indicated as "abnormally dry". While this map may not look as troubling as it did in say, 2014, when all of Texas was experiencing a massive drought, it still is concerning.

On a much larger scale, you can see the current drought conditions in North America right here:

Here are some additional resources that could be helpful to keeping track of water conditions in your area.

Essential Questions:

Do you know if there are water restrictions in your area that are in place?

Figure out if there's a drought in your area:

How is Drought Affecting your Neighborhood?

What does your family do to conserve water?

What are some suggestions you have on water conservation?

How can we conserve water on a global scale?


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