Unknown Projects

There are many projects worldwide that go unnoticed every day. Projects that change the world in their own way, as they work to save energy, restore human health, or help the poor and underprivileged. All of these projects all around the world, whether under the United Nations, or global not for profits, or small clubs forming in schools share a common goal, the betterment of society and the world in general.

What better way to find out about this great movements than social media? Social media has the great power of transmitting any message, from good to bad, in a matter of minutes to everyone. Social media is very popular amongst teenagers, who are the future for this world and can make a great change. There are many programs like Instagram where pictures of the logo of the organization could shared, describing the project, Snapchat where pictures of the actual projects could be shared, and Facebook, where everything is shared. The possibilities are endless and it is just a matter of putting them out there for the world to find out.

Here are some well known global organizations, who use social media to carry their message:


How can we get the next generation of humanitarian projects visible social media?  Why not create a Facebook account and a Twitter account if possible. A more difficult one could be Snapchat, to actually add all of those projects if they do have an account and see their activity worldwide.  Already my Instagram account covers pictures of the organization, a small overview of what they do and a tag that directs to their actual page and website for the user to find more about the organization itself.

While the above projects are widely known globally, there are many others that do not have the same recognition or the social media coverage that those have. There is an organization in Monterrey called TECHO that focuses on charitable funding to build houses for impoverished neighborhoods. The organization is a local one that joins schools together to become the builders, finish a house and change a family’s life in the end. It is a great project and has many Monterrey high schools involved in it.

 For TECHO, there is a page that is set up for students and people to learn more about the movement. The page is at Facebook and everyone has access to it to see how TECHO is making a difference.

There is project called One, founded at our school. The main goal of One is for our school to be environment-friendly, promoting a green life and a more sustainable energy program for the school so it could be much better in the future.

I have created both an Instagram and a Facebook account; these pages will be refreshed weekly so, with the help of many people, we can learn about projects that for many are still unknown but make a important difference to local communities. Everyone can help in this case, as the Instagram account and Facebook account are available for all (see links below); you can send in projects with a small description so the education can begin as we encourage everyone to either join/volunteer on that project or donate to keep the work going.

I have also created a Twitter account. This is more of an opinion-based social media account that lets me tell everyone how I feel and introduce new projects that have been shared by contributors over the week.

Now it is your turn!

What other local projects can you find in your community?

Share your story! Through our social media, we can publish it so the world knows about the movements around the world and how people are changing the world in small but important ways every day.



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