Understanding my Depression


Depression is something more and more people are realizing/discussing recently, and so I thought I’d ry and do something to help people better understand those who are depressed. I’ve heard those around say so many ignorant things around mental illness, such as “People who see a counselor are crazy in the head” or “People who want to commit suicide are selfish- they are not thinking about their families and friends, but only themselves”. People who are not depressed or who experience things differently cannot relate to people who, as a result of depression, feel isolated and upset constantly, regardless of how many friends or family members around them love them. My aim was to change this.

For my Music Theory and Digital Composition course, I decided to make a song to create more awareness around mental illness.I tried to create a song from my own experiences to personify what having depression feels like(at least what it feels like for me). My goal in doing so was to make depression more understandable to those who cannot understand why it makes people behave the way it does. I decided to go about this by writing song lyrics that personify depression as a lover, who is emotionally abusive. I think this is really close to what my own experiences with depression are- although it makes you feel awful, you get to a point where you’d feel strange not being depressed. I tried to capture this image in my words and melody. The song I created is displayed below!


For those who are interested in how they can change the way the world sees depression, I say talk about it! Do what you can to learn how it affects people and why, and try to spread knowledge of it, so that ignorance around depression and other mental illnesses will become uncommon, and we can all understand each other further.

For this reason, I included a padlet below for interactive discussion to occur as you view my presentation. Feel free to write an opinion, truth, secret, belief, question, or anything at all, it’s all anonymous! I want people to be able to discuss mental health more often, so please feel free to share.

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