Understanding and Approaching Eating Disorders Amongst Males



When looking into eating disorders in men it is first and foremost to recognise one main thing: the prevalence is lower than it is for women and that leads to the creation and spread of even more issues. EDs in men are less common than they are for women, often making these issues get pushed away and seen at a lower importance than issues for women, however the effects remain the same as there is no difference in the symptomatology between the two sexes. According to the National Eating Disorder Association, the research done on EDs has a massive understandable gender bias, making the information regarding the way that these mental health issues effect men specifically relativley unknown.


The main challenge that stems from the issue of EDs is the idea of awareness. Despite of the fact that more women are affected by eating disorders than men, there are still men that are being affected by these issues, and letting that information get out is the most important step in creating help. Breaking down the gender bias and letting out the information that these problems aren’t only effecting young women is the first step in creating long term help for the people who are effected directly and the long term understanding of this mental health issue.


The solution is to hold a seminar/presentation to showcase this information, getting the information out to the people about this topic, and making sure that people know the truth about EDs in men. This presentation will be held on May 19th as part of a school conference, and plan on incorporating the following video to teach information as well as the following pre/post test to understand how the information that I presented changed the mindset and knowledge levels of the audience.

The presentation will start with a pre test (linked below) to understand the knowledge of the audience before I give the talk,. This will be followed by an introduction to myself and my interest in this topic, how the project is related to GOA and current research on the issue. This video will then be played to create a level of empathy between the audience and myself. After this, I will teach the following skills: seeing the causes of EDs in males, seeing what we can do to help, and how we can approach a situation when we suspect a person to have this mental health issue. Finally, I will have with a call to action, making it clear how serious this issue is, administer the post test to see the change in knowledge for my audience, and close.




This is important and is necessary for my school. I see this presentation working in the setting that it is currently being used in, and then being applicable for others. I hope to see that the video that I incorporate into the presentation is helpful for the audience and, ideally, can be used as an example and tool for more and more people to teach about this issue and its effects on the people who are directly effected and the surrounding community.



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  1. April 28, 2017 by Haley P

    I really love the topic of your presentation because it begins to touch on the gender bias that exists inside of the world on mental health. I also really enjoyed the video that you embedded in your presentation because there is so much value in being able to hear about someone’s story and battle with mental illness. This is a topic that seems to be swept under the rug which only makes things more challenging for males struggling with eating disorders. I really appreciate that you were able to spark a conversation about this topic.

  2. April 29, 2017 by Genevieve G

    I think this is a great topic to choose! Something that isn’t talked about as much as it should be.

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