The Relax, Refresh, Recharge Room

Over the past decade, studies have shown that High School students today have high-stress levels compared to those of adults. A recent study done by the New York College examined two selective high schools on the East coast and found that 49% of the students reported feeling “a great deal of stress on a daily basis”. I’m a true believer in the effect an environment can have on one’s emotions and with the increase of stress levels in students today I decided to propose a Relax, Refresh, Recharge room for students at my High School.

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The overall idea for this project is to provide a stress-free environment for students. Although many High Schools have the intention of providing students with a “relaxing” setting such as a library, many students don’t feel the benefit of the intended purpose due to its restrictions and overall atmosphere. This new space will have entertainment, seating, and snacks in order for students to feel as if they are in an environment completely separate from school. My school is personally known for its rigor and selectiveness, and while the school board does an overall good job with providing students with facilities and services they haven’t hit the mark when it comes to providing a stress-free area.


The two main inspirations for the space was both Colour psychology and the Google headquarters Relaxation Room. Colour Psychology refer to the study of how different hues contribute to human behavior. An example of this is the colour red which creates an environment with energy, passion etc. For the sixth year in a row, Google has been ranked “The countries Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune, this is due to their amazing consideration when it comes to providing the best environment for their employees. Google’s Relaxation Room is the perfect example of this, the space was created in order to provide comfort and peace for their employees.







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There are 2 possible locations for The Relax, Refresh, Recharge Room. The first option (Right image) is located right between the outdoor basketball court and the D wing where classrooms are located. The problem with the first option would be the lack of views and smaller space. In order for the second option (Left image) to work, the current soccer fields will have to be replaced in order to create this space. This space would be ideal in regards to space, views, and light. 




  • Floor Plan

The idea for the overall floor plan for the structure is to provide students with a luminous, spacious, relaxing space while still being able to connect with nature through the views. The floor plan is meant to be a single floor open floor plan with different divisions separating the spaces. 




12m x 34m


  • Exterior

The idea for the exterior is to create a modern, simple, yet unique structure.  In order to provide this, the shape would be modeled after the school’s iconic sundial (Last image on Right) as if it were laying down with the spike facing upward. 

The materials used for the exterior of the structure will include concrete – for its accessibility, price, and simplicity – and glass in order to provide light, views and a feeling of more space. The overall structure will be concrete while still have various glass windows to provide light.

Inspirations for Exterior of Structure



  •  Interior

The interior of the space is crucial when it comes to providing a relaxing environment.

In order to keep the interior space simplistic, just like the exterior both concrete and glass windows will be used. Metal girders and stanchions would be used for the roof plane, while cross beams would serve as supports for the roof, those similar to our school’s current library. Wood will also be used in order to create wood separation walls as well as head planes. 

Inspirations for Interior of Structure


Interior Design Ideas + Conclusion

The main purpose for this space is to create not only a stress environment but to also create a communal area where students can either have time to themselves or gather and interact with peers.

The furniture and design within a space are crucial when it comes to creating a “zen”, peaceful environment. The space would use colours (colour psychology) such as blue – Tranquility -, green – Harmony, Nature, Freshness -, yellow – Happiness, Joy, Optimism -, orange – Creativity, Warmth –  and white -Cleanliness, Purity, Simplicity- in order to transmit those emotions to the environment. Plants, as well as large windows, will allow students to have a connection with nature.

Two areas will be designed, each designated to meet each individual students needs.

1) The first area will be designated for those students who want some quiet time where they can be at peace, free from distractions, and where they can rest. Furniture such as resting pods will be implemented in the space for students to rest.


2) The second areas main goal will be used by students whom want to interact and mingle with other fellow students. Booths, Bean Bags etc will be some of the furniture implemented in the space. Entertainment such as board games, video games, and TV’s will also be used in the space for students to use.



If you are interested in learning more about creating a peacful, stress free environment not only at schools but also at home, offices etc. Here are some links which you may find interesting.

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