The Real Cause of Gentrification

Your 5 Minutes Can Make A Difference

Like The Development Game’s scenario with protest demonstrated, in a democracy citizen advocacy tips the balance of power away from the wealthy to the populace. You can make a difference. You can help shape a better future for your city by telling them how you feel about the effects of gentrification and how you believe these effects should be mitigated.

If you live in a city in the US use the following database to find your mayor’s contact information. You can also use this information from GOVERNING to find out how gentrification is affecting your city. If you live in a city outside the US, you will have to look up contact information and data elsewhere.

Message template:

Dear *Mayor name* and Council,

Gentrification, the influx of middle class people to an area causing a relocation lower class residents, is bad for *your city name*. 
This city is *select one: a) in the process of gentrifying. b) could very well be the subject of gentrification in the future.*
Your zoning has a lot of power in whether low-income residents get pushed out of their neighborhoods or not.
Please *select one: a) continue your use of inclusionary zoning. b) implement inclusionary zoning, specifically Mandatory Affordable Housing (MAH). 
MAH allows the continued growth of the city while ensuring low-income people still have a place to live.*
The favor of your reply is requested.

*Your name here*
*Your mailing address here*

Once you’ve sent your letter, click the plus button in the top right corner to add your city:

I hope after reading this you are more aware of the causes and consequences of gentrification and the solutions which can be used to help cities grow more healthily.

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