The Parking Structure Project

I am addressing a problem in my city with an overflowed parking structure. The structure would be designed for all of the local businesses downtown. The people who actually work in the buildings everyday, sometimes have to park far away for their businesses and sometimes won’t even get a spot. My goal is to make an easy, accessible parking structures for local downtown business workers, and for people who are visiting. Our current parking structure is very cluttered and leads to many conflicts.

Approach: asking local business men for opinions on how they want me to improve their local parking structure. I asked about the parking structure currently available (which is the one I am redesigning), users struggle to find parking spots leading sometimes to them being late to work. 

History: known for being such a busy place because of the location. It is across from the movie theater and 5 restaurants. Birmingham wasn’t as busy as it was a couple years ago due to all of the new businesses growing but people are still struggling to find a place to park.

Geography: in a small area, but can make it expand. Not in width, but in height to provide more spaces. It is next to a diner and a new movie theatre. The new theatre draws in so many customers that they struggle to find a spot, the problem will only get worse so my idea is to try to alleviate this.

Climate: very open spaced, Michigan is really cold and it is always the worst to be walking through a parking lot at night in winter and whipping winds are coming at your face. I am trying to prevent this from happening by designing the structure to act as a wind shield for parking cars and moving around inside the structure.

The Light: all light is drawn from during the day, to be conserved and used to help provide inside lighting a feel of street lights within the structure (which it has now, but are not powered by renewable energy – solar power generation will help the environment and ensure lighting)

the (goal) physical qualities: taller, more space, easy access, environmental and social support by providing a safe, economical and accessible parking area for workers in and visitors to the town centre.



Photographs of site: 

Materials: Stone, concrete, wood, metal

Sketches & Models: 

(original plan of parking structure)


(initial sketches of structure, revised after research and getting opinions to create my SketchUp design which has greater detail)


my model below is a quick 3D interpretation which will later be developed to better understand the way light falls in the structure.


I hope that viewing my project has helped you think about your own town situation.


I would really like to have some understanding of your town and parking problems as it could be an issue that needs addressing in more than just my town.

Please follow this link to a google doc where you can leave some feedback and comments to a couple of questions, I would like to use your views and experiences to help me in my further design work linked to this project.

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Town Parking Survey Questions


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