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Breaking down “Her Eyes”

By Malaika Shongwe


The Song


The Written out Version


The Lyrics


“Her Eyes”

Thank you for helping me explain myself

Without you you wouldn’t know what I was thinking

Like the voice that doesn’t speak

revolution didn’t peak

Like the blog post that was tethered

Like our souls that aren’t together

Her eyes say everything she’s afraid to

Her eyes say everything she’s afraid to

Her eyes say everything everything

Her eyes say everything

Women that do not have each other’s back

Like all the stepped on cracks and broken mothers

Like the broken women feel

Can’t believe that this is real

That need to be on screen

That needed to be seen

Her eyes say everything she’s afraid to

Her eyes say everything she’s afraid to

Her eyes say everything everything

Our eyes say everything

This song is about women shying away and women being afraid of expressing themselves.


An example of the way society contributes to this “silencing” is, when a women is menstruating her hormones tend to fluctuate resulting in here acting, “moody”. Then begin the endless, “woah looks like it’s the time of the month”s and the “woah chill someones pmsing“s, paying no attention to the fact that these challenges women face. Instead of conforming a women in such times, some would prefer to invalidate her feelings and belittle her.

People tend to make her feel like she’s being irrational or like she’s a burden or an inconvenience. Something she can’t control, something she used to bring you into this earth, something that she didn’t ask for. Here you are throwing all the sticks and stones that cause her to stay silent, here you are bringing her down and laying her low for something that has the power to bring and take your breath. This is for all the women that are set back for being a women, for all the invalidated feelings, for all the times you were forced to be silent and were left with nothing but to turn on each other.

And here’s to the future. When all the words are said. Here’s to now. When you decide to speak your heart. And here’s to the past. Behind us.

How this all happened

What we can do about this

A bit more concrete

I will team up with an SE on campus that deals with Afro-feminism that is aimed at showing women their worth and giving them a voice.

There we will hold “lessons” / sessions that will be used to teach women about what I means to be a powerful women.

I will ask them to conduct a lesson that lean more towards speaking out as a women and expression themselves.

(With the help of my song I will help them come up with content to teach.)

Then it’s on to finding a venue to hold the classes.

Once the venue is secure, I will then then send out notifications, flyers and messages inviting people to the lesson.

Once everyone has RSVPed then it’s onto final touches like:

Beverages and snacks, chairs and a projector and business cards and information pamphlets about Afro-feminism.

I would like for my audience to attend the lessons and just hear what we have to say about feminism and being a women.


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Thank you and Namaste

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