School Community Centre


Currently, they are not enough meeting and studying spaces in my School.

Clubs and other school-related meetings are all held in classrooms or in the library because there are no other available spaces.  Although there are a few tables and small lounge room that exists on the current campus of my school, I think by creating an attractive and comfortable environment for students to be in will ultimately fulfill all students needs and wants. I am designing a community center for students, which will include spaces for community activities, meeting spaces, sports programs, and other student activity related areas.

In my personal project, I will be focusing on the exterior of the building and the meeting space. This meeting and extra study space will not only promote a stress-free environment for students, it can also provide a study space where students could hold group based discussions.

Current Space

During free periods, before and after school, or any other spare time, students would gather or study in areas that are not initially designed for such purposes. In fact, there are not a lot of designated areas around my school campus that are solely intended for social or meeting purposes. Students would either use the library or the cafeteria as a communal space for meetings or relaxation. However, these places’ intended purpose are not for social gatherings. Although my school has already taken action by converting a small classroom into a lounge room, it doesn’t grant the student bodies wants of a communal space. This particular area already acts as a meeting or a relaxing place for students. But due to its limited size, it only fits a certain amount of people. Therefore, not everyone is able to utilize this space. This room only includes lounges, which also may not be the ideal place as a work environment. So I want to expand this idea of creating a relaxing and a comfortable environment for students to either socialize in or study in.


The location that I found seems to be the most suitable area to build a community center. This area is located on the left side of the school field. Although there is a bit of a distance between this plot of land to both the high school campus and the middle school campus, but this has a lot of available space. This separate area from the main campus is an elevated piece of land, which overlooks the field. Currently, this space is not used for anything, except for storage. Therefore, by building a community center in this area, it will effectively utilize this empty lot.





  • Designing for students and teachers at my school
  • Could be used by high school students and middle School Students since both schools are located nearby site 
  • Athletes
  • For anyone who wants to utilize the communal space

» What? 

  • A 3-4 story building with an underground parking lot and sport facilities
  • Spaces for studying, meetings, and relaxing
  • Includes a cafe and multi-purpose rooms
  • Lots of windows for natural lighting
  • Lounge Area and space with tables for studying or group discussions

» Site Plan

  • The main materials that I am proposing to use is concrete. Because of the humidity in Hong Kong, concrete seems to be the best option. Not only the material is very affordable, it is also aesthetically pleasing and accessible. This overall structure will be covered in glass to provide a  bright space and be able to look at the surrounding view.


» Exterior

These images are of different University Recreational Centres. I am inspired by these images for their contemporary and modern exterior structure, along with a number of windows that are used. I also designed a rectangular shape building, but also adding many windows to allow natural lighting.

I want to have a similar design to these steps as a way to connect this building with the field. I want these steps to integrate with the surrounding environment on campus by incorporate grass with the concrete steps. 

» Interior

 PaulCollege_UNH_2.jpg     Prado Museum by Foster + Partners:

As for the interior of the building, I want to design an open space environment for students to socialize or work in. Similar to these few selected pictures, I want to bring lots of natural lighting by adding full-length windows. Also, adding loungers or chairs to create a more comfortable, friendly space. I also want to add a dining space, similar to my inspiration pictures.

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