Raising Awareness About the Opportunity Gap in Minneapolis

An Introduction To Minneapolis

Minneapolis is located in Minnesota, with a population of roughly half a million people. Originally a military base named Fort Snelling, Minneapolis is the second largest economic hub in the midwest. Minneapolis is truly a global city, often cited as a key player in the global economy because of its various large business and Fortune 500 companies that are based there. Minneapolis also has a vibrant performing arts and music scene. Despite these great aspects of Minneapolis, it also has ethnic and racial equality problems.

What Is Racial/Ethnic Inequality?

Racial and ethnic inequality has plagued the United States for several centuries. Although large steps have been taken towards providing equal opportunities for all citizens, there is still work to be done. Specifically, the racial wealth gap between Caucasians and minorities is still very prevalent because the foundation for both groups to succeed are very different. Schools and other institutions that help kids and adults build skills for the workplace are significantly better and well funded in white communities relative to their black counterpart. While this is only the tip of the iceberg, it is a key component in this issue.

What Are Racial & Ethnic Inequality’s Impact on Minneapolis?

According to 2009 Census data, Minneapolis is 70.6% white, 16.5% black, 5.1% Asian, with the other 7.2% being made up of other minorities. Minneapolis is predominantly white and neighborhoods are segregated by race/ethnicity and income. According to a study by WalletHub, Minnesota has the largest financial gap between whites and minorities. Another article by a local Minneapolis newspaper cited a report conducted by the Metropolitan Council that says “race, or factors closely aligned with race, are indeed at the heart of disparities”. From these articles, it is clear that racial and ethnic inequality exists in Minneapolis. So why is this the case?


I identify the main reason for this wage gap is a lack of education, specifically poorly funded schools and resources for these people. This opportunity gap creates a wage gap, which leads to people staying in the same neighborhoods throughout their entire lives and their children going to similar schools, allowing the cycle to continue.


Minneapolis is home to some of the largest and most globally connected companies in the world, yet a good chunk of the workforce in Minneapolis can’t perform high skilled labor that could fill these open roles for the reasons listed above. If the education system in Minneapolis could be improved, more workers would have the skills to fill jobs and the previously mentioned cycle could be broken. As a result, people could begin to rise up the socio-economic ladder rather than being stuck in poverty or worse. This would also increase the productivity of the economy along with other short and long-term benefits.


So What Can We Do To Stop It?

Hopefully, you agree with me that there’s a problem of racial & ethnic inequality in Minneapolis and something needs to be done to fix it. I have taken the first step and have created an application that you can use below. This app provides information regarding the city of Minneapolis as well as information and sources pertaining to the social issue mentioned.

The strategy that I would suggest to solve this problem is raising awareness about the issue in order to decrease the opportunity gap that exists between people in Minneapolis. By raising awareness, hopefully, district officials will allocate resources to local public schools in order to provide students with the tools to get a high school degree that can contribute to the work that they do later. By offering a diversity of programs in schools, students can gain a wide range of knowledge on different subjects and determine what they like to do, allowing them to dive deep into that subject in their education so they can work in a specialized field. By accomplishing this, different minority ethnic and racial groups will have the skills to work at the same level as white adults, hopefully resulting in them making the same wage, successfully destroying the wage gap.



What is the best way to eliminate the wage gap in Minneapolis?

Improve The Education System
Encourage Employers To Seek Out People Of All Races/Ethnicities
Increase Wages For Minorities
The Wage Gap Will Fix Itself

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