Raising Awareness About Energy Poverty and Renewable Energy

In this project, I want to raise awareness about energy poverty and renewable energy. Globally, 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity. Energy poverty is defined as the┬álack of access to modern energy services. Millions of people all over the world do not have access to fundamental human rights, such as access to clean water. Access to energy is a basic right that improves one’s quality of life and is something that everyone should have. There are different ways to get energy to citizens of impoverished countries. We can use renewable energy. Sources available all over the world such as the sun (solar energy), wind (wind energy), water (hydropower), and food (corn = type of biofuels) can all be utilized as energy.

I hope to educate others on the various types of sustainable energy and what we can do to make them more common and useful in our every-day lives. I have used and will continue to use fliers, paper slips (documented through videos), and online quizzes (through to take action. At the beginning of GOA’s Energy course, we discussed energy poverty (ie: factors contributing to it, which countries faced it…) that helped inform me of the problems surrounding energy in the world. Furthermore, during our Energy course, we did research projects on different types of renewable energy that have helped me create the quiz.

I have posted these fliers around my local community and my school to foster interest about energy and educate others on what things they can do to reduce their energy consumption and how renewable energy can play a role in their lives.


Next to the fliers, will be pages that have slips on them that users can rip off. On the front side of each slip will be a question about energy poverty or renewable energy. The user can rip of the slip and look at the back of it to see the answer to the given question.

Finally, I have utilized the website, one that is commonly used in an academic setting to create a quiz about energy poverty and renewable energy. People can use this fun, interesting quiz to educate themselves on the energy problems in the world and what we can do to solve those issues.

Link to Kahoot (quiz)

(In order to play the Kahoot by yourself, you will need to use two different browsers, or two different tabs within the same browser (like a split screen). If you are with others, you can play the Kahoot on different devices.)

Call to Action

Making change is simple. Everyone has to be aware of the problem and has to want to make a difference. Being educated about the problems in the world is the first step. Through the fliers, people can see what actions they can take to ensure an energy-plenty future. I am hoping to raise awareness through this project. After people are aware, they can start to advocate for the fundamental human rights of those facing energy poverty. Those in impoverished nations might not always be able to stand up for their rights. Take a stand and inspire others to follow your path.


Poll (test your renewable energy usage):


How much renewable energy do you use?

A substantial
About half
A little

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