Racial Equality in Detroit

Introducing Detroit

Detroit, the most highly populated city in the state of Michigan, is also the fourth largest city in the Midwest. While Metro Detroit, a name for the metropolitan area in Detroit, itself houses 4.3 million people, Detroit is also an important hub on the Detroit River. Because there was lots of industrial restructuring and corruption mixed with suburbanization going on in the late 20th century, Detroit’s population dropped by 25% in the first decade of the 21st century, and in 2013, Michigan had to declare a one-year state of financial emergency for the city. Post-financial crisis, Detroit still has issues as it is experiencing urban decay with an outward movement of its jobs and population. Apart from its problems, Detroit has become a cultural center over the past decade or so, as it look to rebuild a stronger city.


What is racial equality?

The definition of racial equality is that “people of all races are given equal opportunity”. Today, several places in the United States preach and practice racial equality in their schooling, voting, professional, and moral systems, but it hasn’t always been that way — there are still some cities that are trying to overcome that racial equality barrier. Early forms of racial inequality began in schooling systems and often targeted students of African American, Asian, or Latino descent, barring them from having the same educational resources as white children. This segregation at an early age created a more defined separation in adulthood, where it became difficult for the same people to achieve higher education or get a job to support their families. As cities have progressed over time, several laws have been enacted to ensure equality in terms of resources and benefits to people of any race.

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Racial equality in Detroit

With regards to racial equality in Detroit, racial inequality has been present in the city for a long time, but slowly, the city is gravitating towards racial cooperation as it rebuilds. Since Detroit has always had such a large population, especially in its metropolitan area, it wasn’t as easy for the city to completely get rid of racial segregation after the Civil Rights Movement, especially in the public schooling system when it came to whites and African Americans. In the city, it became difficult for African Americans to thrive — they consist of a large portion of Detroit’s population yet still experienced segregation, which makes it difficult for many to get a solid education and a supporting job. But over recent years, Detroit has been trying to regenerate the city by making the schooling system more open to all races, bringing thousands of more jobs to the city, and targeting those jobs toward the struggling African American families in the city.

How can you prompt change?

By bringing to light the issue of racial inequality in Detroit, I hope the app can inform both families living in the city as well as people outside the city about the disadvantages of racial segregation and subsequently learn to promote equality wherever my users may be location. I believe that in today’s day and age, every city in the world should support racial equality, and I hope my users can learn about how Detroit is turning itself around to help them propose a change in the future. As a result, I hope this app sparks change and encourages people to ameliorate racial inequality they notice, starting on a smaller, day-to-day basis because hundreds of smaller attempts put together can create change.


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