Promoting energy conservation at my school

Where Do We Use the Most Energy?

Most people around the world use more energy than they think. This chart shows where people use the most energy.  Space heating uses the most energy with 27.3% of all energy usage in the U.S. residential sector in 2015. Space cooling and Water heating also use a lot of energy with space cooling using 11.8% and water heating using 13.1%.  The estimated energy usage in United States in 2014 was 98.3 quadrillion Btu. About 39% of all of the United State’s energy goes to producing electricity.





Interview with Julian Baron Gilman School ’17



In summary, we found that Julian used energy in the following ways:

How many hours of tv do you watch per day?- 2. (373,592.63 Btu/year)

How many hours are you on your computer per day? 4 (112,077.79 Btu/year)

How many hours per day do you charge your cell phone? 8 (139,474.58 Btu/year)

How many hours per day are food items stored in your refrigerator? 24 (8,966,223.13 Btu/year)


My idea is centered around encouraging students and adults at my school to conserve energy mainly when they are at school, but as well as when they go home. First, I am going to put posters around my school, telling students and faculty to turn off lights when they are not using classrooms. I am then going to interview a classmate and see where he uses the most energy and how he can conserve energy. I am also going to talk to my deans to see if there’s any other realistic way we can conserve energy as a school.

Putting up Posters- I am going to put up posters where people look a lot. At my school, there is a big bulletin board outside every students mailbox. I think putting some posters there would be wise since almost every student sees this board every day. I am also going to put posters outside bathrooms and above water fountains.


Now, I challenge all of you to conserve energy both at your school and your house now that you know how much energy you can use in a day. Encourage your family and friend at school to also take a stand and conserve energy. Take your own audit to see where you use the most energy and then find a solution to conserve energy.

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