Our Eating Habits and Behaviors


Our Real Eating Habits and Behaviors

I sent out a survey to the American School in Japan high school students about their eating habits and their knowledge about the Slow Food Movement.

From this data, it can be observed that many students from grade 9 to 12 in ASIJ don’t usually eat instant foods/fast foods and don’t know about the Slow Food Movement.

However, I researched Americans’ frequency of eating fast food. Here is the result:

Frequency of Eating Fast Food

Many people eating fast food weekly shows that depending on the environment, your eating habit will change.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Japanese Foods

This is a video I made about the food culture in Japan:

What do YOU eat?

Hello! I am @slowly.foods and I will be posting pictures/videos of GOOD, CLEAN, and FAIR food! These days, we tend to forget the cultural and social importance of food as we are surrounded by fast food restaurants and instant food products. Which is why I decided to run this account to share traditional and regional cuisines from around the world!! If you have any pictures/videos of food that you’d like it to be shared, PLEASE reply to this post with a picture or tag @slowly.foods on IG!?

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