New Field House for Athletics



The issue that I am addressing concerns my school’s athletic program. We lack an indoor field house, however, our facilities currently are amazing. But, having an indoor field house will allow athletes to play games and practice indoors during bad weather.  Also, my school could use this for other big events. The field house needs to be built because it will attract more talented athletes to join Cranbrook athletics.

The field at my school now is only used by middle schoolers because it is across from the girls middle school. No high school or boys middle school student practices or plays on this field. If there were to be an indoor field, lower, middle, and upper school students could have access to the field house. The field house would benefit coaches, athletes and parents.

Also, the field house would have a six lane track. This would be very beneficial to my school because we do not have a full size track. If the field house were to be built, we could host meets at my school. Having a track at my school would benefit me as an athlete because I could finally have meets that do not take an hour to drive to on school days.




The location of the field house will be replaced with an older field at my school. The location is very convenient because it would be right next to one of my school’s gyms.

These are current images of the field that stands at my school


Necessities for the field house

  • After interviewing athletes they said this is what they want for the layout of the building:
  • Bathrooms
  • Food court
  • Field
  • Track with six lanes
  • 2 stories
  • Locker rooms
  • Access to outside near the school’s gym
  • Space for parking


User needs

  • Athletes- locker rooms, food, bleachers, trainers room
  • Parents- place to watch our kids, good parking
  • Teachers- place to watch our students
  • Guests- space to sit, food area
  • Staff- room with cleaning materials, multiple bathrooms for upper and lower levels, parking reserved for staff



These are images that I found online of field houses. I want my design to have a area that is comfortable for watching the sport games. The images that have the viewing window are what I plan to have in my design.





Sketch of the field house

New addition:

  • New cafe (snack bar)
  • New locker room
  • Patio to gymnasium
  • New bleachers
  • New parking spots
  • New road with circle around




The second image of the locker room, shows where the bathrooms are located.

Below the Field in the Site drawing is a six lane track. I drew the images like this, so it is easier to understand my design. There will be a bubble over the field, snack bar, bleachers and locker rooms.

Track sketch:



  •  Marble
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Granite




Petition for school statement


For Cranbrook Kingswood students only

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