LGBTQ+ Rights in Egypt


Egypt is a transcontinental country bordered by the Gaza Strip, Israel, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea. With over 92 million inhabitants, Egypt is by far the most populated country in North Africa. Modern Egypt is considered to be a ‘middle’ power with significant cultural, political, military, and economic influence on Northern Africa.



     LGBTQ+ rights specifically in Cairo are a huge issue, especially in this modern era. You often hear stories where members are not allowed to receive an education, beat, cast out, and are deemed subordinate to everyone else considered ‘normal’ by that society. Sadly, this is true for a lot of Egypt and this app will shed light on a lot of information unknown globally.


Were you aware of the lack of rights members of the LGBTQ+ community have in Egypt?

Not to the extent shown


     Over the past few decades, the role of members in the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt has changed drastically. However, members of the community are still deemed “less than” almost everyone else in society. To this day LGBTQ+ rights in Egypt are appalling, with genital mutilation, sexual harassment, and honor killings still prominent in the country. Just in 2013, Egypt was ranked as the worst country in the Middle East for LGBTQ+(in terms of rights). Because of this, I felt it necessary to raise awareness the injustice so many women are experiencing in Egypt.

The Goal

     My strategy for change is raising awareness starting in Europe, The United States, and Canada to help educate those who are unaware of the injustice in Egypt. My goal is to get enough proactive, educated individuals to spark a trend eventually resulting in some form of foreign intervention. Of course, this goal is sadly most likely not practical, I do believe simply educating those about the injustice in Egypt will help on a small scale. For example, sending supplies, money, spreading the word, etc.

Call To Action

     This page is designed to educate others about the injustice that is evident in Egypt and offer ways to support those in need. This page will provide features to blog and share all the latest news to ensure the latest content is being seen by a larger audience. The goal is to educate those in a hope to finally give members of the LGBTQ+ community the equality they deserved centuries before.


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