Kicked Out– A Story of an Immigrant Family

Hello! I’m Alejandro Lim. I attend The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is my composition, sung by Smruthi Balasubramaniam.

My plan for music composition usually follows these steps:

  1. Analyze the emotions within my community.
  2. Decide on the tempo and relate it to my analysis from step 1.
  3. Decide on key and start writing the first few measures.
  4. Look for feedback every few measures and make sure the piece is ok overall.


When will I get to see you again?

This isn’t really fair.

Dad’s been sent across the border.

Mom is deep down in despair.

When will I get to see you again?

Just know I still do care.

I hope to see you again someday

in a far, far better place.



The first few lines describe the current situation of many families who governments have split up due to apathetic immigration laws. The last lines describe a hope for a future world in which we find a solution to our current laws and factor in the emotions of our immigrant population.


On President’s Day, 2017, a group of organizers held a protest march that went from Piedmont Park, northward and past my house. Within that march were multiple immigrant mothers with their children in strollers. Eventually, they started chanting “Declare Atlanta a sanctuary city!”, a reference to the status of illegal immigrants after the election of Donald Trump.

(Credit: Atlanta Progressive News)

When lawmakers here in the United States change immigration policy, they must take into account not only the economic effects, but the emotions of those affected. This composition was meant to shine a new light on a specific case of the affected peoples.

Since these were the emotions going around my community at the time, I wanted to make my composition based around this issue.

Music is a medium through which much of the world can receive information willingly. I feel my piece will be able to spark a more continued discussion about this growingly relevant issue.

I hope this year’s Catalyst Conference will help our world leaders in making the right choices for solving the migrant crises not just in the Americas, but beyond into the current situation in the Middle East.

As stressed by many prominent American politicians, this is a very complicated issue. I ask that you leave your thoughts on the economic and emotional effects in the comments. If you or someone close has been affected by these events, we hope you will give your personal input.

Above is a link which, with enough support from this conference, could at least save one family from facing the pains of the immigration red tape. I hope you will have the heart to sign this petition and bring a hard-working individual to see family members again, fulfilling the message of the song.

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