“It is better to act than to regret” – Dragon Kim (Music Theory GOA)


  • My composition specifically talks about my friend who has passed away around two years ago while camping in Yosemite National Park. He was of great significance to me and my friend group and we all decided to write a song dedicated to him.
  • The composition has elements of it which address Dragon (my friend) personally and address all people of young age to sought out what they truly want to do in life. Dragon was a wayward soul as he always jumped from tree to tree, backflipped off low balconies, and “parkour’d” wherever he was. The song encourages my generation to do what they truly love to do, rather than conform to another person’s views of what they should do or be like. Dragon was a “stargazer”.
    •                                                  Dragon in the middle next to flannels


  • Dragon Kim believed that every day is a day to live to its absolute fullest. He was a daredevil in his own way. He believed that if one does not take opportunities, they would regret it. “It is better to act than to regret” these were the words he would say to me countless times.
  • To commemorate Dragon Kim, we wanted to write a song that promoted tentative kids to go out and do what they want. Be who they are meant to be, and strive to better themselves. One can not improve oneself if they do not try to.
  • “It’s kind of fun to try the impossible” – Dragon Kim 2k14

Dragon in sunglasses farthest back and middle


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