Is Drunk Driving an Issue?

Why am I calling attention to this?

I want to call attention to the dangers of drunk driving and the impact it has on high schoolers and college kids in our time. On average 27 people die from drunk driving accidents every day just in the US alone. Drinking and driving can impact you as the driver or you as a victim being hit by one.

I have set up this survey and sent it through out my school and Global online course: Survey

These were the responses:

Most being that they have not drank or do not often, although some were just the opposite. Some said they do often and have driven drunk willingly. So how do we stop this?

This is a video of kids close to our ages who were asked to wear simulator glasses to encounter driving intoxicated:

After watching this video kids had realized what it was like to put themselves in that place and not have full control over their actions. On March 31st, I organized a presentation from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for an informative presentation on the dangers and reality of Drunk Driving from Connecticut.

To summarize this video, due to its extent, she uses her presentation to open high schoolers eyes to what can happen due to drinking and driving, and what to do when your friend has consumed too much alcohol.

So now people may ask themselves while reading through this, why have I taken you this far? Where am I going with this?

Before I introduce to you my plan and objective for overcoming drunk driving, Take this and see how much you know!

My Plan

I would like for kids like me to raise awareness in their town! Share this page! Hand out flyers! Be the brave one in your friend group! Lets put a stop to this together!

My plan is to produce a  fingerprint ‘touch to start’ button that you will register your print into when you receive the car.

On average it is estimated that a normal person sweats 1 quart a day. This sweat is made up of water, minerals, lactate and urea. A small amount of alcohol is decomposed in your stomach lining, but your liver metabolizes most of it. Only about 10 percent of the alcohol you ingest leaves your body in urine, breath, and perspiration.

This small device could be installed inside the car easily by accessing the ignition. By not allowing the  “ignition on” position, no current can be fed to the solenoid. If the current of the solenoid is cut off, it will not attract the iron bar. This will result it not being able to make a complete circuit from the battery to the starter. This will take place if the sensor detects a certain amount of alcohol in the set and oils on your finger. Therefore, when you go to turn the car on, the oils will be scanned and if the illegal measure is reached the car will not run the correct circuit. This small device could be installed inside the car easily by accessing the ignition. 


But how can you get involved! Book an appointment with MADD or a local activist group against drunk driving! Put out flyers at your school or even speak up in your own friend group. Don’t be afraid to keep your friends safe, no one will regret you having them.

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