Inspiring Energy Conservation

My goal is to bring energy conservation awareness to my school community.

I will do this by

  1. Creating posters to put next to bathrooms/water fountains/light switches to raise awareness
  2. Meet with the Headmaster about my schools energy waste, and how to fix it.
  3. Create and present a school wide energy audit to my senior class
  4. Encourage fellow classmates to audit their own homes and find out how to save energy

What does all that mean?

I created posters with that detail water waste facts, and placed them above every water fountain in the school. My goal of doing this was to demonstrate how much water we waste daily, monthly, and yearly. I wanted people to think twice about their water consumption. Hopefully students would see the facts about how much water we waste and be more conscientious of their water waste. That means the students would only have the water running while they were drinking and avoid letting it run for any extra time at all.

I also put these signs outside all of the bathrooms to remind people to turn the water off as soon as they were done washing their hands rather than let it run for a few extra seconds. These signs, similar to the ones above the water fountains, had facts about how much water we waste. My goal in this was to have my schoolmates only have the water running when they truly need it and to turn it off as soon as they are done washing their hands. Every drop of water counts, even if it seems insignificant it all builds up.

Lastly I posted similar posters under light switches in each room reminding people to turn off the lights when they are done using the room. This is one way that energy is wasted and this is one hundred percent fixable. I hope my posters act as a quick reminder to people to take that extra second and flick the lights off before they leave the room.

I am now looking to expand my work from simply raising awareness to promoting institution change. I started by trying to impact fellow students and teachers by giving simple reminders of how they can help conserve energy but then I decided to broaden my approach. I set up a meeting with the headmaster at our school and prepared a few suggestions to help our school save energy. I asked him if we could open windows in the classroom during warm spring weather rather than have the entire school building air conditioned. I believe that the unnecessary use of air conditioning is just throwing our resources away. He liked the idea a lot and he decided to comply. I also asked him if I could schedule a team to speak with my entire senior class in hopes that I could pursued them to action. Thankfully he did allow me a time to speak to my classmates and I began to prepare my presentation. I presented to my class an energy audit of the entire school buildings energy usage and waste. After I showed them how much we waste I persuaded them to join the fight and do the simple things to help. I asked them to remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room, and to avoid any unnecessary use of water. Finally I asked them to audit their own houses’ energy usage and see how much they waste at home. Now that I’ve completed my catalyst project I hope that I have encouraged my community to join the fight to become a more energy aware society.

Energy Audit of Gilman School:



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  1. April 29, 2017 by Ben W.

    Wade – Thanks for raising awareness on energy conservation. Helping people be aware of how much water they can easily conserve is particularly useful. Ben

  2. May 01, 2017 by Georgina Steel

    Hey Wade, this was a very effective way to spread awareness about energy conservation. Good Job! What was your schools energy audit? Was you school good at conserving energy? Do you know if people went home and actually did their own energy audit? And if they did is there a way that you can share how they can change? An energy audit is a great place to start, but if they use too much energy and water and don’t know how to change it then ti doesn’t help reduce CO2 emissions. I wonder if there is a way for you to stay in touch with people and help them with ways to reduce their own footprint.

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