How Does Music MOTIVATE People




Nowadays around the world, people are having FEARS – lots of things to fear about in life. School, work, family, relationships… CHALLENGES are happening to people everywhere on this planet and sometimes, people don’t have the courage to take a step forward and accept the challenge. Why? because of fear, the risks, and the uncertainties of the future. But no matter what, accept challenges and do more INNOVATIONS in life can always help a person to grow. So everyone should have the COURAGE to accept the challenges that they are facing, even if it is just a small one.



In the modern world of music, there are many pop songs out there that aim to MOTIVATE people such as Strong – Kelly Clarkson, We are the Champions – Queens, Change – Taylor Swift.


Not only there are motivative songs in the modern music world, but also in the world of classical music. One of my favorite composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, composed his Symphony No.5 in c minor, Op. 67. The thing is, Beethoven composed this symphony when he was suffering from increasing deafness in his life, and as a composer, deafness counts as a ‘lethal attack’, but he still continued and finished his symphony and presented it to the world. Until now, there are still many people believe that Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 is a great example of motivative classical music – not only because of the motivative sound of the symphony itself, but also the story behind it of how Beethoven composed it.


The song I composed is called “AUDACIOUS“.

When I first started to compose this song, I decided to compose it electronically since I’m not very familiar with composing music in that way. —Challenge accepted√

While I was composing, I had a thought about doing something innovative. I decided to use strings ensemble as part of my composition because as a classically trained musician, I had lots of knowledge and experience of composing for classical music instruments, and I thought it would be very innovative to have classical elements in a composition of modern electronic music.

My goal for this song is to motivate and encourage people to challenge themselves in life, take a step forward, and no matter what the result end up to have, the experience of trying will always be worth it.





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