How do you use energy? Consider the environment




Too often, we consume energy with no concern for its sustainability or its effect on the environment. Not all energy decisions have an equal effect on the environment. If everyone made more conscious energy decisions, we could drop our energy consumption significantly. This would diminish the strain on natural resources such as fossil fuels in addition to greatly reducing carbon emissions which cause global warming. It is true that energy is essential to almost every aspect of our lives, but everyone should have knowledge of the alternatives to many of our energy decisions.


At first, I thought about raising awareness of the effects energy consumption has, but I soon realised that the problem is not the ignorance of the effects of most energy sources. I decide to focus on raising awareness of the things most of us can actually, realistically, do to make a difference. By sharing what I had learned through my GOA course, I hope to empower all high school students in my school to make conscious changes on their energy consumption.

I began by creating the survey below to find out previous knowledge students possessed. This would allow me to make sure that my message would be unique and not simply a repetition of facts they had already heard before.

Through this survey I found out that most people are conscious of the existence of global warming. I was right when I assumed that the problem was not that people were unaware of the situation. Unsurprisingly, most people who completed the survey said that they would be willing to alter their lifestyles a little to reduce their energy consumption. The last thing that I found was that, even with all their willingness to live more sustainably, most people did not know how to save energy. Questions that asked if they saved energy while driving, in the kitchen, or with any household appliances, most people responded that they did not. This indicates that they probably haven’t been exposed to some of the easiest ways to save energy.

Once I had gathered this background information, I decided to create a short video to teach students all the different ways they could save energy. My school has a webcast that is produced by our student council every two weeks. These webcast is played to all high school students during study hall, and thus, it is commonly used to spread news by student groups. I included the information I found most relevant to my high school classmates, and I created a short segment for our EagleTV. During the EagleTV episode below I made sure that the students learned a few ways to reduce their carbon footprints.

energy vid from Paula Fernandez on Vimeo.


You can make a difference by watching the clip above and sharing it through social media. By doing this, you can help inform everyone on quick, simple, easy ways they can help save energy. If you have any other ideas on how to save energy, post them on instagram using the hashtag #GOAenergy and we will add your ideas on another segment of EagleTV.

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