Ethnic Equity in San Jose

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Introduction about racial equity in San Jose:

San Jose, California is densely populated with Caucasians and Asians and many more races. It is interesting to see how different races work together or separately in different working areas. Would one race be more specialized in a certain job and earn more than another? How does the adjacency with Silicon Valley influence the job options for all races in San Jose? How do the universities in San Jose help shape the working demographics? All of these are interesting questions to consider. Although different races coexist in San Jose, different races are faces different difficulties when it comes to earning a good salary. For example, African Americans are tended to be underpaid, so are Asians. On the other hand, white people in San Jose earn a good salary and often end up in the management level. However, as other races get more competitive, they are also starting to dominate the technology world and are gaining management positions are different big companies. However, it is always important to understand the cultural and historical reasons that led up to the current salary composition and how the situation is changing rather quickly as African Americans and Asians are more involved in many leadership roles.

Importance of the location of San Jose regarding the app:

Located in California, San Jose is geographically attractive from its climate to its adjacency to the Silicon Valley. Therefore, people are attracted to immigrant, study and work there, creating a dynamic atmosphere with various races living together. Although small, San Jose also provides a wide range of attractions and comfortable hotels that bring many tourists to the place each year. All kinds of people influence the place in various ways and bring different aspects to the city. With the same resources, San Jose would have become a city with a completely different racial equity issue if it were not in California near the silicon valley.

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Strategies for addressing racial inequality in San Jose:

Of course, my app can help with the change by making people more aware of this issue, however, this will be far from enough. One way to bring change is to make use of social media to further raise awareness of this problem. Another way is to make people themselves that live in San Jose more aware of the problem, as they are the people who can ultimately bring changes to this issue. In doing that, we can get more advertisement on the street and online to stimulate them visually repeatedly. Only if they start to refuse the inequality in in the workforce can there be progress made.

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