Ethnic and racial equity in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the world, so it is home to an enormous economy and a wealth of ethnic and cultural groups. It is the largest city in California in population and in terms of square miles. It has many landmarks known throughout the US so it has become a popular tourist destination and a place where immigrants may want to live. Racial and ethnic equity is important in Los Angeles because with such a big population, this issue affects a huge amount of the minorities in this city. The research on this issue shows that there is a great disparity of wealth and education among immigrants and the many cultures and races in Los Angeles county. This demonstrates the severity of this issue and how needed a call to action is. Black people and Mexican people are the least educated of the minorities according to research, so they tend to have the lowest household income which results in them not being able to have the same standard of living that Asian, Indian, and Caucasian families who typically have the highest income.

How should people eliminate racial and ethnic equity?

Pretend like it doesn’t exist
Pay attention to the issue and make others aware of it
Let it resolve itself
None of the above

Ethnic and racial equity in Los Angeles does not seem to apply when it comes to wealth accumulation. Los Angeles is a very diverse city that includes the following ethnic groups:  White, Japanese, Asian Indians, Chinese, black, Mexicans, other Latinos, Koreans and Vietnamese. A study by Duke University has shown that immigrants that are highly educated and highly skilled tend to hold jobs that pay more and have other financial assets (stocks, investments, etc.), while the uneducated and under skilled hold a very small percentage of the wealth.

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Ethnic and racial equity is an extremely important issue in Los Angeles because of how many immigrants and residents are affected by it. Immigrants are given very little chance to make money and run the risk of being discriminated against which can ruin their chances of being successful. Some immigrants come into Los Angeles, settle down, and start a home business that eventually grows out of its startup stage and becomes a full blown company with employees. Residents are the ones consuming the products created by said companies and they get to make the biggest impact on whether or not someone’s company will ever get past the point of being a kickstarter fundraiser. Residents need to invest a company, and if they see that the CEO or employees are mostly a certain race or ethnic group, then this may significantly impact the decision of the resident depending on his or her views on said race or ethnic group.


Los Angeles is a huge tourist and immigrant destination for people around the world, which makes its economy extremely strong because if someone is wealthy enough to travel to Los Angeles then they will most likely have money to spend there. Ethnic and racial equity is an issue that is incredibly impactful on the economy of wherever the issue is present, and since Los Angeles already has a huge economy they are more vulnerable to changes caused by fluctuations that ethnic and racial equity inspire.


Awareness is a huge part of solving an issue and in today’s digital age, an app is one of the best ways to bring awareness to said issue. When something goes on for too long and is not given enough attention, like global warming, it spirals out of control and becomes an unstoppable juggernaut that will cause chaos wherever it strikes next. Solving the issue of ethnic and racial equity in Los Angeles is extremely important so it does not in a different place doing damage in the same way. Ethnic and racial equity has some positives, but only if kept under control can these positives actually do something beneficial. In order to make sure this issue is kept under control and used beneficially, we must first bring awareness to those it affects by creating an app, then bringing about real action like making flyers for people who do not have access to the internet or a mobile device to use the app on.




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