Education: the solution of the future


Mexicans from all strides of life admit that, as beautiful as Mexico is, institutionalized sexism is a prominent issue in our country. It is something people feel will never change even though most of the population doesn’t benefit from this system. Not just the 1 bio-sex females to every 0.96 bio-sex males, but the nation as a whole can’t grow and evolve when more than half of it is held back. Growing up a queer woman who runs off at the mouth in Mexico, this issue has always affected me a lot. For this project I figured I could take steps to make a change, even if it was just small and at a community-wide level.


Get funding from my favorite (entirely female run, and vegan) local bakery for a local charity that focuses on getting scholarships for high school and university and teaching English to both young men and women (and non-binary people) in my community.


Fundación CR’s students and clients from The Food Bouquet.


The students come from anywhere in the state but between the ages 14-23, the bakery is in Tampiquito, an area in the heart of San Pedro.


Currently, as of April 26, 2017 I am planning what would ideally be the final meeting between a member of the staff of the Food Bouquet, the head of Fundación CR, and myself to arrange details and an action plan. This would later result in the influx of donations (approx $4000 USD per one student’s high school and university). There is no set end date. Even once I graduate high school and leave the city to go study abroad, the other two parties seem very interested in keeping this project going.


A large problem that many people connect to the other issues (such as sexism) in my country is lack of education. I believe that giving young people a complete university education can lead them to having a better understanding of the world and the country and, in general, a better culture. This would probably result in a lowering of sexism, at least in those individuals.

Additionally, I believe the women who receive this education that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, would now have the ability to get their own stable, fair income. This would empower them and reduce the amount of women in this country that get married out of economic convenience. In the longer term, I believe this could cause a positive change by making the educated people prioritize education for their children. Also, the communities of these educated people could be inspired by their change and growth as people (and the growth of their paycheck) through education.

Overall, I don’t see a downside. Even if only one kid is helped, at least one kid was helped. Besides, I really believe this project could stay for a while.

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