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Jordan is a Middle Eastern country that has close to zero natural resources in terms of energy.  Jordan imports almost 95% of its energy, and spends about 10% of its annual GDP on energy. Nevertheless, Jordan receives about 300 days of sunlight a year; with advancements in the field of solar power, Jordan could harness this energy and relieve its energy needs and the current energy burden that lies on the Jordanian government and people. This is the story of hundreds of communities around the world, communities that could — and indeed should — switch to renewable energy in order to further enhance their local lives and ensure a better energy future for our world as a whole.

My Project?

My aim is to create awareness and more importantly grassroots action towards solving this issue and helping minimize our carbon footprint on earth. A second aim of mine is to build solar panels for a charity organization or a public school in Jordan. Hopefully this project will turn into a long term project which can benefit many people.


This will be done at first through a ‘Day Without Energy’, when people will volunteer not to use any energy in my school on  a specific day or participate in an energy-free trip into the Jordanian desert. The second part of the project will be fundraising for and building solar panels at a charity organization or a public school in Jordan. Furthermore, the project will encourage people to sign a pledge showing their total commitment to reducing their carbon footprint on earth and trying to create a green footprint that will last and flourish forever!


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What did other people say?  My survey findings

People believe in climate change, they understand the importance of energy in their lives, and they know that many people lack access to energy. 93% percent of the participants believe that our species has something to do with this change that is happening to earth. Nevertheless, 13% of the people surveyed don’t want to participate in an activity that deals with this problem and a further 44% said that they are not sure if they would participate in that sort of activity. There is a certain unwillingness to face this sort of difficult problem head on. People are not motivated to handle this issue and there is a lack of enthusiasm towards it.  We have moved from an era when people didn’t understand that there is an issue; we are in an era now when people don’t understand its importance. It is important for us to realize that this is an issue of life and death… But not for one person, for most of the species on earth. We are living through the 6th mass extinction on earth. The last one wiped out the dinosaurs, will this one wipe us out? To read more about this issue click here.

The Problem

Currently 16% of the world’s population lacks energy, that is about 1,200,000,000 people in the world today. This, as you can see, is a very big problem, especially with the rise of climate change. Energy is a main component of  our day to day lives and most of us cannot live without it. Energy is needed for human life to be considered decent in modern times;  energy has become just as important as water for billions of people around the earth who need energy to maintain their jobs and their day to day lives. Many countries depend on fuel for their well-being and this makes it harder and harder to move away from this type of resource.

The  issue with getting energy to all of those who lack access to energy today is that we currently don’t have resources to maintain such a high rate of energy use. We also need to worry about climate change and about the extra carbon emissions this will bring to our world.  97% of all scientists agree that climate change is real so it isn’t something we can turn our backs to and not care about. Another problem with getting this much energy to so many people is the issue of where all the money will come from. There are many different arguments; each pointing the responsibility at a different party. Among available funding options are the ‘World Bank’ and the ‘United Nations’, or developed countries such as the U.S.A, or even the developing countries that are actually those in need of the help. This is not a local issue or a nation-wide issue, it’s an international issue. And we should understand that we are all a part of this problem.

Can we continue to pollute our world using non-renewable energy resources?  Can we afford the cost of renewable energy for all of these people? Who should pay? There are many different pieces to this puzzle and IT IS UP TO US TO PUT ALL THE PIECES TOGETHER TO ENSURE OUR FUTURE.

What should the solution be?

The first thing I want to start with is that we do not owe any of this money to anyone but ourselves, money is a man made creation that we give value to and for that reason I think this is a problem that shouldn’t be a problem as we bring it upon ourselves. However, since it is a problem, we have to deal with it head on.  I believe that  developed countries as well as worldwide organizations should take the lead.  They have the power, the money and the resources  necessary to do this. This type of aid will be very helpful to both the developing and developed countries as it would mean more economic opportunities for developed countries and a faster rate of advancement in developing countries.  This proposal is very similar to the Marshall Plan in which the United States supported Europe after the Second World War in its rebuilding phase and thus had one of the best periods of economic and military prosperity in its history.

It is also no secret that moving towards renewable energy is more sustainable for even the oil rich countries of the Middle East; this comes down to the fact that this oil is not renewable and that eventually it will run out.  When this time comes, these countries need to be ready to move away from this resource and use renewable types of energy. Moving towards renewable energy is also important in the effort to fight climate change and this is a fight all of us are a part of.

To rebuff the idea that everyone should pull their weight I would like all of you to consider the following poster: –

To deal with the obstacle of global climate change, I would propose the use of renewable energy in these countries as the means to get energy to all of these people. This is what is already being done in India which has the biggest population of people who lack access to energy in the world. By 2030 the Indian government hopes to have 16% of all power generated be from renewable energy resources. This will be done while increasing the number of people who have access to energy and decreasing India’s dependency on coal. 

Tell me if you agree with my opinion and whether this is a feasible plan in the following survey: –

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My Plan of Action?

  1. Contact the ‘Ecos and Greens’ ( an environmental club in my school); to see if they would support me in this project. ✔️
  2. Create and send out a survey to my school to see the common perceptions and ideas they have about the energy situation in the world today; this survey will be used to know where I am starting with my classmates in terms of awareness and  willingness to  support me in this project. ✔️
  3.  Find a charitable organization or a public school that could use support in terms of energy; this is an important step as it will help me later on in fundraising. This will help me set a goal and more easily tell people what they are doing this donation or this volunteer work for.
  4.  Plan for a “Day Without Energy”. This is where people in my school will pledge to use as little energy as possible throughout a day (most probably going to be in may) to raise awareness about our energy needs and how important energy is for all of us. Teachers will try not to use technology in their classes and will try to build their lesson plans away from projectors and laptops. Students will stop using their phones as much and people will turn off lights when they leave rooms.
  5. Commence fundraising for the ultimate goal of building solar panels. This will be done through the use of  a Go Fund Me  page, a signup sheet to donate money at my school through school accounts,  and through finding sponsors for the project.
  6. Build the solar panels in the chosen organization.
  7. Hopefully, expand this project and do it again over the upcoming years.

What have I already done to advance my project?

I am proud to say that I have found a lot of support from my peers and teachers at my school. I have already contacted the ‘Ecos and Greens’ Club at my school and they have shown their full support. Meanwhile, my survey has received over 200 responses and the data shows a general knowledge of the issue at hand. Nevertheless there is a surprising unwillingness to help solve this problem.  I have begun looking for the charity organization or school that I am going to work with. However, I still haven’t had any luck finding a suitable partner in this project.

The planning for ‘A Day without Energy’ has been going well, I have already set a date with some of the members of ‘Ecos and Greens’ and planning the final details of the activity is in the works. The fundraising will commence after that activity as I hope to have found the organization by then in order to give donors a more concrete cause to donate to. I hope to finish the preliminary stages of this project before the school year ends, and to complete  this project in the upcoming school year.

What can you do to help?

We are all part of this problem and for that reason it is up to all of us to solve this problem. It starts with me turning off the light in my room when I leave it. It starts with you not charging your phone at night and trying to be as efficient in your energy use as possible. This is our fight and we can win… We just need to try.

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