Damages of Texting and Driving in the US and Different Approaches to Stopping The Problem


Do You Live In A State Where Texting And Driving Is Illegal?

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How Often Do You Text While Driving

Almost 100% of the time
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For all you who use your phone while driving here is a map of the maximum fines in each state:

Do You Believe That Texting While Driving Is A Threat To Public Safety?


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For all of those who choose yes, and believe that texting and driving is a threat to public safety, think about how you answered the second poll. If your answer involved cell phone use well driving you have underlined one of the central problems surrounding this issue. Many people understand that texting can fatally distract them while driving and support greater punishment for the act, yet find it impossible to stop the practice themselves.

How Many Car Related Injuries Occur Every Year Due To Texting And Driving?


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The right answer is 330,000. Take a look at the numbers that other people predicted, how far off are they?


11 teens die every day as a result of texting while driving.

That is 4,015 teens killed every year as a result of texting while driving

The Problem Does Not Seem Likely To Go Away

Graph from Pew Research Center showing the recent increase in cell phone and smart phone ownership. With the rise in cell phone ownership, especially among the younger generations, this problem does not seem likely to disappear anytime soon, if ever.

Some Solutions

Phones will limit functions when traveling at a certain speed, unless the person overrides it. Although this action would not actually stop an individual from texting while driving, it would force them to think of the possible repercussion of their actions. The warning could also include facts about accidents related to texting and driving.

Increased penalties and fines to discourage it. Although fines have recently increased in many states with minimal impact, better enforcement of these fines paired with their steep increase would force people to think twice before picking up their phone.

Below is a link to a website with all of the US state Governors and how to contact them.

We can all write letters to our local legislature to demand that they raise fines for distracted driving and raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.

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