Creating A Modern Meeting Space


The current largest issue at our school is space. The current meeting place was built in 1975 and was hardly prepared for the 400+ students that would like to congregate in the area. It is noisy and loud all the time, and students that would prefer something other than the stuffy, rowdy space would be excluded from the social scene and be almost outcasts in the library.

L O C A T I O N:

The key features outside that are necessary are being next to the lake and near the school but still separated from the school. It should provide an outdoor relief and retreat from the busy life inside the school. There will be a viewing deck from the meeting place to be able to see the lake. Boats or canoes can be rented from the nearby already existing boathouse. Students can rent out watercrafts for their free time. It will help make sure that the lake is actually used unlike it’s current condition.

Current pictures of empty location:

B U I L D I N G:

This new, modernized building would provide both a meeting space large enough for everyone as well as smaller rooms aimed towards creating a studious atmosphere. There would be a buffer hallway that is insulated in between the large meeting space and the small collaborating studio spaces. The large meeting space should include a café selling food and other amenities necessary for any students. It would include enough space for both studious students who choose to study during their free time or students who would like to relax during their free time. This meeting space would create a good bonding space for everyone.

M A T E R I A L S:

Materials necessary:

  • Concrete with “rough designs”

  • Glass walls

  • Wood for drywall/interior

  • Chains for drainage
    • This will allow any snow or water stuck on the flat roof to drain out. Due to the common inclement weather in Colorado, these are absolutely necessary.

  • Fiberglass/Insulation to insulate from the weather

F L O O R   P L A N S:

I N S P I R A T I O N:

P O L L:


T A K E    A C T I O N:


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