“Cornerstone” is song I’ve composed, consisting of vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. The topic of the song is infidelity, and I am trying to raise awareness of a non-region-specific culture that I personally have noticed emerging more and more abundantly, where it is okay for an individual to be disloyal to their sworn partner and/or dishonest about their relationship status, therefore committing adultery, be it sometimes unknown by the other participant.

The composition was inspired by the band Radiohead, particularly their songs Nude, Karma Police, and No Surprises. Each contains different aspects that I wanted to also produce in “Cornerstone”. The following is an acoustic version of the song; the audio was stripped from originally a video, however the file was too massive for the 8MB upload limit unfortunately.

Spreading awareness through music is done through two ways: the emotion the song breathes(constructed through the elements of the piece such as melody, tempo, key and many more), and the message of the song(arguably, the easiest way to convey this is through lyrics). In this case, I chose to keep the tempo low, at 50 beats per minute (bpm) or less in order to prevent the song from becoming upbeat and confident. The melody, I made slow and dreamy-esque, to display a mellow mood, something sad. The plucking of the guitar is also simple and the chords, though major chords mostly, do not necessarily create a cheery or buoyant atmosphere. The bass is a low harmony of the guitar plucking at some points, adding to the negative emotion that the piece creates. If there had been no lyrics to this composition as of then, you would still be able to tell that this is not a song about beautiful love, or world peace, but something more upsetting. Through my lyrics, the first lines of the verse immediately hold negative connotations with words “stole” and “broke” and “tore”. These are just examples of how to establish a certain viewpoint on the topic. The topic is revealed, really only explicitly in the second chorus “your wife/…/she’s waiting patiently at home”, establishing who “you” is, and his (or her) status of interest: the addressed person is attracted to someone that is not their vowed spouse. I try to keep my lyrics subtle, but simultaneously prevent it from being too vague to the point where the message gets lost.

The full lyrics are as follows:
A stolen note
Broke the song
And tore down your cornerstone

Here comes the waterworks
Pour the days
Tell her that you tried

Brick by brick, you built this home
On water, on water

Without knowing
Caved in
And found your cornerstone

Brick by brick, you built this home
On water, on water
This place, you’re done
You ask forgiveness for your wife,
Your light
She’s waiting patiently at home
You think you’ll never be alone

Without knowing
Caved in

What are your interpretations of the lyrics of the song?

Through my composition, I hope to spread awareness of a ‘bad habit’, a negative type of lust that still exists apparently in our human nature, and it must be controlled. Vows were not meant to be broken. You’d think it was obvious, but it evidently is not.

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