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Creating a Healthy Awareness about body image


After studying our body image unit, I felt that some of the material we learned was sadly familiar. A lot of people know others who have been affected by some sort of body image issues. I chose this topic because it is something that affects almost everyone, whether directly or indirectly. As shown in a survey I did among my community, the results indicated that my thought was right, body image issues are extremely prevalent in our community.










We have this issue regarding body image and how it can negatively harm people especially teens. Being a teen girl, my appearance is very important to me and my self image, and according to my survey this is also important to a majority of others. I wanted to honor this importance, but try to create a way in which we could promote healthy ways of improving self image. Around my early teens I started to become self conscious of my weight. This eventually started to affect my eating habits, so my mom took me to a nutritionist. This helped me learn ways I could better treat my body but also stay in shape. The most important thing I got out of this experience was being educated. I learned about what I was doing to my body by putting certain things into it. As a teen I continued to learn about the importance of food. What we eat affects all different parts of us, such as our brain power, our energy, and even our emotions. I found special ways I could use food to improve my mood and even help treat my ADHD.


I believe strongly in the power of education. This is where my solution came into play. I believe we can educate people about the power of food and how it effects our body and emotions in healthy ways. I want to encourage people to feel good about their bodies, especially what they are putting in them. In the cafeteria I will place posters of certain images of food and a small explanation as to how they can effect your mood and energy levels. I will also put empowering quotes on these images, to try to help inspire teens to feel good about their body image.  

Below is an example of one of the posters that I will place in the cafeteria. 


If you were to see these posters around your cafeteria, do you think it would effect what you choose to eat?

If you were to see these posters around your cafeteria, do you think it would help you see the importance of looking good but also feeling good?

Once I hang these posters around my school, I plan on waiting a few weeks, and then sending out a second survey to see if students have felt these posters have made any significance to their lives. I will also leave a box on the survey, where people can leave other suggestions of things that would help promote healthy ways to understand and improve body image, from these results and suggestions I would amend or add to the posters.




Survey results-my school

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