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Here you will listen to a personal story, learn about the basics of thyroid cancer, and read cancerous poetry.

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My Personal Connection to this Topic

Sara Tobón, also known as my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in summer of 2005, and survived. She suffered through two types of thyroid cancer, one ocurring just weeks after the other. Something unique about Sara’s cancer case is that she actually chose not to tell anyone outside of the family and some friends before interviewing. Please listen and hear Sara’s story!


So what is cancer anyway? (An overview of the disease) 

What is thyroid cancer specifically?

Thyroid cancer specifically is when cancer cells grow abundantly in your thyroid and form a malignant tumor. While there is no single cause as to why cancer happens, often times it is suspected that thyroid cancer is caused by exposure to a lot of radiation. This doesn’t mean you will get thyroid cancer from a regular dental x-ray: you must somehow be exposed to larger quantities. Some other factors are genetics and gene mutations, smoking cigarettes, and eating excessive amounts of red meat.

Since it is located in the thyroid common symptoms include:

  • Lump on neck, which could be visible
  • Swelling in neck
  • Pain in neck
  • Pain in ears
  • Trouble swallowing Cough or constant wheezing


Why is cancer so difficult to cure?

Cancerous Poetry

Cancer and War

Why is my bare scalp showing,
When hers is covered with crimson?
Why is my head just skin,
While hers is engulfed in a river of gold?

These are the questions
My daughter asked me,
Not my physical heir
But the product of my stripped pride.

My daughter, forged from the scars,
Left by a scalpel, closed by a flame.

A piece of my skin
That stole my young vicious optimism.
A piece of myself
That turned to night.

So when my daughter asks why
I can’t answer, I can’t explain.
Why do cells turn against cells?
A civil war within one body.
Why do people turn against people?

Small bumps, Large consequences, Small people…
Large conflicts, Mass destruction

Bald heads filling hospital beds,
Young boys taking the jobs of men.
Microscopic entities.
So similar to you and me.


By: Sara Deegan


Goodnight Our Hero

To be brave is to cry

But still to fight on,

And that’s what you did

Our hero, our son.


The battle was hard

We thought we had won,

But still you fought on

Our hero, our son.


The happiness you brought

To the lives you have touched,

Will live on forever

As you are loved so much.


When we close our eyes we can see you,

When we whisper your name we can hear you,

And when we reach with our hearts we can touch you.


Goodnight our hero, our son, our Dan,

You are just a child

But you have died a man.


By: Juli Round


To My Mom

In your eyes I see the pain,

Slowly the tears roll down, they won’t refrain.


I look down to the floor as if I’m hiding,

As I whisper, “Mom keep fighting. Keep fighting.”


As I reach for your hand so strong yet so weak,

I notice the paleness in each cheek.


I am so afraid what do I do?

I can only pray God will guide us through.


I lean over to kiss you goodnight.

Darkness lingers when I turn out the light.


As I walk out I look back through the glass.

Please don’t give up mom. “This too shall pass.”


By: Jennifer Correa

The Bucket

The doctor had the answer,

and the news, it wasn’t good.

With one word my world stood still,

I totally understood.


A bucket of icy cold water,

came cruelly sailing my way.

It’s the only way to describe,

my feelings that gloomy day.


Than that same cold bucket,

came crashing down upon my head.

It’s how I felt when told my options,

could surely leave me dead.


So through the grueling treatment,

I had to wonder at the irony,

drink those buckets of water,

was what they kept telling me.


Even though I did it all,

I really still wasn’t sure.

If my thoughts of surviving this,

wasn’t a little bit premature.


But here I am years later,

after thinking I’d surely be dead.

But instead of kicking the bucket,

I’ve planted flowers in it instead!


Linda Nielsen




Thyroid Cancer


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