Branching Out

Would You Live in a Treehouse?

Is the treehouse the pinnacle of sustainable living?

Why I Want a Treehouse of My Own:

Sunsets and sunrises are always beautiful and when there is a pond, that shows the reflection of the sky, they look even better. However, the area around my house has many trees that surround the pond, blocking the view. So, I decided to make the disadvantage of having those trees there into a key part of being able to see that view, with a treehouse.

This treehouse will be the area for hanging out with friends, an area for when you want some peace and quiet for work, or when you just want to be alone. Since my family tends to have small parties, this treehouse is great for helping me focus on homework a little more. Also, when we have a lot of people over at my house, my dog gets a little stressed because she doesn’t like strangers. So, when there are many people at my house, my brothers and I could bring her over to the treehouse so she isn’t so stressed.


 More Pictures of Inspiration 

Model of the House:

Physical Model:

Digital Model:




Light Sound Proximity Features
A lot of Natural Light Small Speakers for Music Entertainment/Seating Area Window Wall
Some Artificial Light   Reading Area Dog/Baby Area
      Storage for Games/Books

One Story Building:

  • Two Entrances/Exits
    • Stairs – leads up to the side
    • Ladder – from the bottom
    • Pole (Next to the ladder) – for kids to slide down
  • Small Deck (around the door)


  • Wood
    • Dark Blue/Navy for exterior
    • White for interior
  • Glass (Windows)


  • Work Area
    • Small rug
    • Small table (A desk might be too heavy)
  • Reading Area
    • Small rug
    • 2 or 3 bean bags
    • Book shelves attached to the walls
  • Entertainment Area (facing the window wall)
    • 4 bean bags
    • 4 pillows (incase there are more people)
    • Ottoman Table (on top can play board games) (stores games inside it)
  • Small Dog Area (Next to the side door and bottom door)
    • 2 containers
      • One for food
      • One for treats
    • Large basket – for toys
    • 2 bowls – for food and water
  • Small Baby Area (between Entertainment Area and window wall)
    • Small rug
    • Large basket – for toys
  • Bottom door has a gate surrounding it, so when its open nobody accidentally falls down it.

Do You Want a Treehouse?

The next few links will help you get started on your treehouse.

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Watch this show, if you are not interested in getting a treehouse, but would like to watch the process. Treehouse Masters

Your Suggestions:

I need help decorating the interior, would you like to help? Please comment your ideas for the interior decor. The most requested design will be done and posted on my Instagram.

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