Benefits of all-female environments

My Research Question: What is the benefit of an all-female* safe space?

Note: In this project, I refer to all-female and all-girl’s spaces interchangeably. By “female” I simply mean identifying as a woman. 

Camp Betsey Cox for Girls (I’m in the first row on the right)

About Me: For many years, I attended an all-girls’ camp and have started working there as a counselor. My experience in an all-female environment has been overwhelmingly positive, but in present day all-girls’ schools and camps are decreasing in popularity. I wanted to conduct this survey to highlight the benefits of all-female safe spaces, and to advocate for the idea that they’re not just a relic of the past. My research found that in the modern world, all-female environments are still an important source of safety, confidence, and education which would be hugely detrimental to lose. The data collected indicated a need to increase accessibility so the benefits can be extended to more groups of women. 



My Project: Conducting a sociological survey and a series of interviews


Step 1: Collecting Basic Information


First observation: all-female environments were largely private programs


Step 2: Analyzing the Benefits

“Being in an-all female environment, in my case a Catholic girls’ school, has helped me grow in confidence. It gave me more opportunities and made it easier for me to stand out. It helped me find the courage to start my own club, attend networking events, contact politicians, and speak in front of large audiences.”

-Interview with Laura Arroyo, a senior at Ursuline Academy of Dallas




Second observation: the majority of those surveyed gained leadership skills from being in an all-female environment. A smaller, but still substantial majority reported a greater sense of safety.

Did you know?



Step 3: Determining our society’s needs

Third observation: Although all-female safe spaces are available, accessibility is not universal. 


Step 4: Call to Action: Help to create more all-female safe spaces!

Now it’s your turn! How can you create accessible, all-female safe spaces in your own community? Add your ideas to the Padlet below!

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