Assault and Rape


Before high school, I knew what happens when someone is assaulted and raped. I did know how often and life changing the experience is. I have been to three schools, and all of the schools I have been to has informed me more of how serious assault and rape is. Freshman year I attended Sacred Heart Academy, an all-girls high school, in Louisville, Kentucky. Every student is required to take a year-long health class. Since we were the freshman class, we did not get into great detail about assault and rape, but health class did open my eyes about this issue. Sophomore year I attended St. Anne’s-Belfield, a co-ed school, in Charlottesville, Virginia. There was roughly about twelve new sophomores, so the school created a class for the new students to learn about dealing with emotional issues the school had already taught our class. I still think back to this class and everything I learned. In the first two weeks at St. Anne’s-Belfield, a University of Virginia student had been raped and abducted. My class had many discussions on rape and assault and how often this happens on college campuses. For Junior and Senior year, I have attended Louisville Collegiate, a co-ed school, in Louisville, Kentucky. Collegiate has taught me, even more, information about this topic and has provided the school as a whole with a generous amount of information. Before heading off to college, I think it is crucial for students to be aware of assault and rape on campus, how to report your case to school, and where to go for help. I want to raise awareness about assault and rape. Too many cases go unnoticed leaving victims suffering and perpetrators out on the streets. Victims should feel more comfortable when coming about their experience. NO means NO!



Local High Schools: AHS, STX, & THS

I reached out to Trinity, Saint Xavier, and Assumption High School. Assumption high school is an all girls school, and Saint Xavier and Trinity are all boys high schools. I asked about how they address the topics of assault and rape. Neither Saint Xavier nor Assumption responded during this busy time of the year, but Dan Zoeller from Trinity High School did respond. Mr. Zoeller concluded the school’s counselors report any indication of sexual abuse for outside assistance, legally. Trinity discusses sexual assault and related issues in Issue in Alcohol and Drugs and Senior Capstone. Apart of Senior Capstone, seniors must watch The Hunting Ground, as well as, utilize the simultaneous curriculum. For Freshman, they host discussions about gender sensitivity in Freshman Success and Health courses. For Juniors, they host a guest speaker each year who touch upon these topics. Trinity High School has a well rounded and developed curriculum, in part, with the Center for Women and Families. I was very impressed with how they go about this topic with these students, especially with being an all boys school. Schools need to educate and inform kids more about this issue. Freshman year in college is when students get assaulted and raped.



Local University: U of L

The University of Louisville is four miles away from my current school, Louisville Collegiate School. Many Universities, especially shown on The Hunting Grounds, do not dismiss athletes until the season’s over or let them get away with it. Louisville has dismissed two basketball players that were accused of rape during basketball season. On the university’s site, they resource for multiple issues. I am very impressed with their actions after watching the film. It is unfair to the victim and the athlete to allow them to continue competing. On the University’s website under resources, they provide various contact information for many issues. The University of Louisville also provides a link to, which provided a resource on sexual assault. 















The Hunting Ground

At Louisville Collegiate School, the counselors showed the senior class a documentary called The Hunting Grounds; as well as Trinity High School. The documentary shows how impactful rape and assault is. I think more people need to watch this film, especially going to college. It should not scare people but inform.

The Hunting Grounds provides facts, expert insights, and stories that will open your eyes. It exposes the piercing truth about the rape cultures on campuses and reveals an endemic system of institutional cover-ups, victim-blaming, and denial at the elite Ivies, state universities, and small colleges. The film captures Andrea Pino and Annie Clark. Both of these strong young ladies are survivors who took the matter in their hands and never gave up. They created a network of young women who will not be silent. The Hunting Ground has been screened at the White House and hundreds of college campuses, which have created new laws and school policies.

Available on Netflix, Youtube, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play.












Where we SEE assault and rape and HEAR it is okay to abuse sex


Music is produced every day, and the majority of the rap and pop songs are degrading men and women or are related to sex. I have composed a playlist of a few, not all, the more popular songs that involved sex or degrading the other sex. Kids are growing up with this type of music, and this music can potentially influence them.  


Television Shows

Wherever you go, there is a TV more than likely, and in most households, there are tvs. There a good amount of shows that portray assault and rape: One Tree Hill, Switched At Birth, The OC, Precious, Outlander, House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Back, and much more. Law and Order is a show based around cops taking on sexual assault cases.

One Tree Hill: 1 Scene   2 Scene   3 Scene



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