Are you Living the Life you Want?


At the very Beginning…

People get up every morning and go to bed every night. Everyone has another day very 24 hours, but seldom do people ask themselves “Am I living the life I want?” If you still get great passion to realize your dream, let’s continue the story!


I’m Yuli Wen from Beijing NO.4 High School International Campus in China and I am going to the USA for my college education. I play the piano that’s why I take this Music composition course. I like Chopin and Albert Camus. As I’m not an English native speaker, please be generous of my English standard.

The big question of the title is actually a move on thought of myself through this GOA class. One of our biggest assignment is to give feedback to our all around world peer’s post—mostly it’s our understanding of music in all the ways. At first, I’m horrible at tackling this as I always want to find out what’s the right answer? For example, I try to write an excellent explanation of a song, like Glory or Riverside, that everyone will agree and won’t offend anyone. My answers turn out to say nothing meaningful but introduction or historic facts. But I soon find out that no matter what you say, there’s gonna to have a different voice. By that time, I start to understand the true meaning of this these feedback assignments — We are here to share our own ideas and hear from others. There’s no right from wrong, just be respect to other and be confident to yourself. That’s what most people love about MUSIC, no “1” right answer, people can define their unique music understanding and expression. So I just think forward—

If people can define their music, why can’t they define their lives?

This give way to the following context.

The Greatest Prison people live in, is the Fear of what Other people think.


“Souls that don’t yet know enough to be self-conscious. Souls that haven’t learned to fear judgment.” (LIZ) People fear that if they do something break the pattern, bad judgments from their teachers, their friends, and their parents will follow, especially for teenagers. That two babies in the Vedio are unaware of others opinion, so they have fun, they pleased themselves.


un-liked       unworthy

unwanted    unattractive 


But you see, who ever care about Steve Jobs when he first started to make iPhone. There are 5 step to cover this;

  • Make sure what’s your goal
  • Determine your mind and don’t be afraid of turn down
  • Take those constructive advices
  • Leave a smile to those harsh useless deny words
  • Work hard enough

If people can take these steps above to achieve their ideal lives, things become easier.

Keeping our mind don’t mean that we neglect everything other tell us. Tell whether the comment is genuine or soulless at first.

The Inside Fear of Ourselves

What if I get it right!!

Change do not mean losing what you have, but to add! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Besides, we should also consider the risk we are taking and think twice whether we can take responsible to bad consequences.


This piece of song is called We Are. We are “?” I try to raising awareness in my school that everyone gets chances to define themselves and our Campus is in great diversity, where no “1” right answer, but a full beautiful picture together. I’m trying to improve the song better and hope it could be our school song.




I’m planning to volunteer in my community as a music piano& easy composition teacher for those kids this summer. They have a great desire in music. I’ll continue my personal composition blog on this. If you have any advice for me to teach and play with kids, or you want to know something more detail about China, you can send me email and I’ll be eager to reply!  ?


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