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The arts are by far one of the most important important pillars of a child’s education. Without art, creativity is stifled and imagination ceases. This is exactly what is happening in Frisco, Texas right now. Athletics has become a priority and academics have taken a second seat to which the arts have taken the seat at the very back.  Funding for the arts is depleting at a rapid rate and programs are being forced to close down.

The intent for an Arts Center would is one that allows every student, regardless of education, to be able to use the facility. Teachers can rent out rooms to do private instruction with their own list of students or families can decide to enroll in the existing program. Of course, school teachers would also be allowed to use this facility during school hours if they found that their school did not offer the same materials and or facilities.

The goal is to give children their creativity back. To nurture them in a safe space so that they can find their own talent.


So far, every proposal for an arts center has been voted down. What I propose is a combination of several pre-existing plans. Instead of there being multiple buildings dividing visual, performing, and three dimensional art, there would be one large building multiple stories high located off of the toll way between Legacy, Cotton Gin, and Main street.

The building will combine all forms of art for teaching and is designed in such a way that the building itself is a piece of art created by the students.


After interviewing several students and teachers, the consensus was that the spaces provided by the district, if any space at all, are not up to the basic standards required of an arts program in this day and age. The students all agreed that large spaces to practice would be incredibly helpful while teachers said they would like more storage and lots of natural light in all parts of the building aside from the theater.


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Inspiration for this building came from multiple different designs including those from Dallas preforming halls and Julliard.








Dallas Performance Hall












The overall design for the Arts center will be as follows:

Looking at the front of the building, a majority of the building will be made of glass as to allow a large amount of natural light into the building. The idea is that during the day shades will cascade down to adjust for the amount of light coming in directly into the space.




















Here is the basic floor plan for the Arts center. The theater spans all three floors and the various types of art are all mixed together. The green sections have the ability to be converted to outside areas and the stairs are located in the orange section on the sides of the theater. Orange sections are hallways. On the third floor, there are offices for staff and practice rooms for students. All hallways on the staff offices are open and have mainly glass dividers. Bathrooms would be located at the end of the hall way on every floor.

Most of the walls in the building would have large glass components to them to allow for natural light to flood the building. To adjust for different times of the day, the blinds would be on an automatic schedule to either go down or up depending on the amount of sunlight during the day.

In the hallways, there would be ample space for students to display their own work on walls as well as pedestals that can be moved around to fit the needs of each students work.

All of the parts of the floor plan labeled in green represent outdoor areas that can become indoor areas very easily with sliding glass doors that retract. Here, the hope is that plants and mini gardens can be planted to add to the overall feel of the building.


The building is eco – friendly so materials outside of structural materials would include glass and recycled materials for the shades.  Carpets made from recycled plastic and tile made from recycled materials would be on the floors of the rooms. The theater seats will be made out of mahogany and the walls will be made from bamboo to give it a warmer feeling.


Many people function better when they are able to work outside and with such beautiful weather most of the time, why not work outside? The building would be rather large, in total spanning the length of two and a half football fields and about two football fields in width but the rest of the plot of land would be groomed and planted with tons of outdoor practice and learning environments.

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