Academic Stress

Stress in Students

This project is a requirement of the GOA Abnormal Psychology Course. Using the process of design thinking, a challenge in the world of mental health was identified, interviews and research were undertaken, and a solution prototype was developed. Below you will find information about the identified area of concern and my proposed solution. Please feel free to provide feedback on this prototype, using questions such as “How might we…”, “What if….?”, “I wonder….”, “I like…”, and “I wish.” Keep the comments positive, please. For more information on the process of Design Thinking, click here.


Whether it be fourth graders or college students, stress has become an intregral part in the lives of students. While people may accept stress as a way of life, they may not know the consequences. I am learning the physical and mental effects that stress has on the human body. Through much research, I have found a plethora of evidence pointing to negative consequences of longterm stress.



My peers and I have encountered much stress throughout our years in school. Stress imposes a serious detrement to living a happy life, and makes some situations, both in school and at home, miserable. Stress can cause memory deterioration, loss of energy, and depression. I am learning new techniques to help me reduce stress and I want to help spread the word and improve the quality of our lives.  

Academic stress not only effects the body and mind, but also emotions as well.


However dangerous stress might be, some of its effects can be reversed by doing simple things. While these strategies may not entirely remove stress, they will absolutely help. Here are 17 easy ways to reduce stress.


In the future, I plan to take this idea of creating a stress-free environment to my school. I will talk to school administrators and counsellors and try to incorporate these ideas into the lives of my peers. Hopefully this will help my classmates to better cope with stress. If you would like, please take a moment to comment on this page or ask whatever questions you may have. I would be glad to try and answer! I’d like to hear about your experience with stress and you can tell me by completing the survey below. It’s just a couple of questions and it would really help me to understand how stress affects you. Thank you!




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