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The issues that I am addressing is how I can use architecture to make my town more attractive to visitors in order to ultimately help the town flourish and how to add more affordable housing to my town. One way to make my town more attractive to visitors is to add more shops. By building a structure that will provide more shops and a few affordable apartments there will be more opportunities in my town as businesses and people will be able to thrive. The shops provide space for local and non-local businesses to flourish and will allow people to buy what they need without driving long distances. My design will also provide more space for people to hangout in town and to use the parking lot that will be easily accessible from my structure. This will solve the issues by providing more attractions and apartments to my town that will allow my town to ultimately prosper.


The theme in my town is white and black. So when I noticed other buildings that followed this suit I really like how the color combination worked and I wanted to use that same combination in my design as a way to integrate my building with my town.

I also saw a building as I was driving and noticed it had a bridge. This inspired me to add a bridge to my design as a way to add a flow of traffic and connection from the main road, through my building, and to a parking lot.

Location and Town:

^empty lot for building

Site and original design:


There is a vacant lot in my town that is approximately two acres and right behind it is a parking lot that isn’t used often. I want my structure to flow, so that is why I designed it in this specific shape because it allows there to be a flow of traffic and people within the building’s enclosed space flowing through and into the car parking.


Materials List:

    1. Brick for exterior walls – $340-$500 per thousand
    2. Bamboo for inside roof and flooring
    3. Wood for interior wall
    4. Black asphalt shingles for roofing
      1. Prices range from $70 to $120 a square and, if maintained properly, shingles will last 20 to 25 years.
    5. Polished Concrete floor – cost effective
    6. Black shutters
    7. White metal stairs on exterior of building to get to apartments – also allows for easy escape in case of emergency
    8. Fiberglass Insulations between exterior and interior walls

Outer Wall – detail view of structure

The outer wall is white brick, while the inner wall in white wood. The blue is the fiberglass insulation.


Information on the structure:

What Approximate space Where light How many features
apartments 1,500 sqft 2nd floor Mainly in kitchen and living room 6




shops 500-1,000 sqft 1st floor Throughout shop 7







white metal stairs would be on the outer sides of the outer walls.(the left and right sides) Like the image bellow except white stairs instead of black.



Live Poll:

“Do you think an addition of shops in your town would make your town more desirable?”   – For a live poll click the link   – For results on the poll click the link

I am passionate about helping my town become better and if you have any ideas that might improve your own town or community then comment them below.

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